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The new normal, will begin to be implemented in several areas that are proven to be safe from Covid-19. At least 102 regions have been allowed by the government through the Covid-19 Handling Acceleration Task Force to implement new normal. Not without reason, the government has begun implementing new normal in some of these areas. Vice President Ma'ruf Amin said, new normal would not have to be carried out in order to avoid the danger of Covid-19 transmission as well as economic downturn.

It is known, since Monday (6/8/2020), the transition to new normal has been implemented, especially in DKI Jakarta. New normal does not face two dangers that we cannot leave, one of them is the danger of Covid-19 and the economic downturn, "said the Vice President during a press conference on Monday (06/08/2020). According to him, if the economic downturn was due to Covid-19 if it is not handled properly, it will be very dangerous for the economy of this country.The danger that will emerge is the occurrence of a crisis whose recovery will be very difficult and severe.

Thus, like it or not, a new normal situation must be implemented to deal with both of these. "The language of the clerics we must face these two dangers and emergencies simultaneously," said the Vice President. However, he realized that with the implementation of the new normal, the community would face a more difficult situation than when the corona virus outbreak first struck. Because, before the community did everything at home, ranging from work, study, to worship.

However, when new is normal, people are allowed to do activities outside the home so they must be more prepared to guard themselves by adhering to more stringent health protocols.

Facing a new phase in life due to the pandemic that occurs, forcing us to always care for and maintain health. From that we are present and aware to be able to contribute in this New Normal phase by providing our superior products to assist in Health Aids.
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